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A Modern Take on the

Classic Outdoorsmens Ruck…

“The man with the Ruck sack is never lost. No matter whither he may stray, his food and shelter are right with him, and home is wherever he may choose to stop.” – HORACE KEPHART,




Malcolm’ s

Previous Work       



Day Ruck 2013 – 16 Model…


Day Ruck Model 2017 Model…

Day Ruck 2018 Model…


Day Ruck Classic 2016 Model…


Day Ruck 2.0 2017 Model…


Mike Charlie 2017 Model…

Day Ruck Voyager 2017 Model (RARE)…


Day Ruck Scout 2018 Model…

Deep Woods Ruck 2018 Model….

Haversack 2013-2018



Haversack 2019

Day Ruck Scout 2019 Model

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4 reviews for Malcolm’s Previous Designs

  1. andreguna1 (verified owner)

    Day Ruck 25 is my first Hidden Woodsmen backpack, I’m surprise how big is the bag compare to the first edition day ruck, perfect for a day or two days trip camping. Fits more stuff and supply needed during the trip.
    Very sturdy material with heavy duty stitching. I would recommended this back for outdoor men, hiking trip or as a camping back pack.

  2. waynemail777 (verified owner)

    First product I have purchased from you. Excellent craftsmanship and I purposely use the term ‘craftsmanship’. I am very happy and excited to get out and use this day ruck. I just made my second order. Thanks Malcom, keep up the superior work and thank you for your passion. -Wayne (Oregon, USA)

  3. dougmclean (verified owner)

    This pack in woodland camo is about the prettiest thing I’ve bought all year, along with the woodland haversack and woodland possibles pouches and woodland ball cap…what else you got coming up in woodland? Nothing beats hand made in the USA gear. Keep up the great work.

  4. daniel.vandenburgh

    Wife got me a special edition Fett haversack (she knew I had been wanting one for a while) and it’s absolutely perfect. Quality is fantastic and the color is amazing. Thanks Malcolm!

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